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UXC Training is a personal and corporate training consultant

UXC Training is a personal and corporate training consultant. We provide bespoke services to help improve employee performance in various industries. We offer continuing training and education on specialised areas.

We Provide

Our Services

We provide the following offerings for your benefits:

Tailored Services

Who Are Our Customers?

We tailor our services for individuals and organisations in various industries such as:

  • Finance and Banking
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunication and Media
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Government

So, if you fall within any of the industries, or you’re interested in personal training, UXC Training is the one for you. We offer bespoke services that will improve your knowledge and performance.

The Best Choice

Why Choose UCX Training

Our services are industry-leading and the best choice because:

Eight-Step Process

How We Build Our Programs

Our courses provide industry-leading insight into your field. And we guarantee this through our strategic and bespoke eight-step process. They are:

Consultation and Discussion with Necessary Internal Personnel

For us to provide you with a bespoke program, we engage in meetings with relevant stakeholder. We discuss with internal personnel to understand strategic direction, key objectives and business drivers. We also garner information about the working environment and organisational environment.

Structured Need Analysis

For us to provide you with a bespoke program, we then identify the various activities that are necessary to get the results you need. We ensure that we systematically define these activities and align them to your corporate competencies and plan.

Selection of Services

For us to provide you with a bespoke program, we ensure we use only the most relevant and useful service resources, types, materials and methodologies to achieve the core objectives and activities of your organisation.

Communication Scheme & Presentation of Service 

For us to provide you with a bespoke program, we then promote our program. We ensure you’re well aware of our offerings and how it can help your personal and corporate development. We also ensure commitment and engagement by employees.

Continuous Communication 

For us to provide you with a bespoke program, our communication strategy doesn’t just end at service promotion. We’re open to feedback that allows us to respond to issues that may arise. We engage an open channel to ensure we can respond timeously.

Monitor Concerns & Risks   

For us to provide you with a bespoke program, we also monitor risks and identify concerns about trends and emerging issues concerning your organisation. We offer a detailed report that allows us to prepare employees to adapt and surmount these issues adequately.

Course Evaluation & Measurement   

For us to provide you with a bespoke program, we provide an effective evaluation system. Our evaluation system focuses on knowledge, skills, reactions, impact and application to the business. We consider the type of program that we have provided and ensure that we evaluate the result based on the outcomes we promised..

Corporate Report & Feedback   

At the end of our bespoke program, we provide a report on our service delivery. We ensure you can understand the effect and extent of our program effectiveness and the learning outcomes that employees and individuals achieved.



Our services are available throughout Australia. You can contact us for further enquiries on how we can help you.