Change is somewhat inevitable as it’s necessary for the continuous development of an enterprise. However, while it is attractive, it can come with various issues. Usually, employees need to work faster and harder and align towards new performance criteria and objectives.

From interpersonal conflict to group conflict, these issues can limit the achievement of the change objective. And that’s where we come in at UXC Training.

We partner with you to ensure every part of your organisational component can adapt to the changes. Our Change Management course provides a flexible opportunity for senior-level managers and low-level employee to learn about adapting to the change. 

We design our program to ensure your organisation can realise the intention and results of the proposed change. We gear our course towards satisfying individuals in management, out-sourced staff and retained staff.

We understand that the scope of change differs from one organisation to another. As such, we don’t just provide a generalised course to you. Instead, we offer custom made courses that take notice of the peculiarities of your change process. In turn, this enables us to guarantee the success of our program.

We present our program through a six-step process. They are:

Step 1: Consultancy & Product Design

At this stage, our consultants analyse your needs through a meeting with senior management. This enables us to ensure that we can design an effective and comprehensive service that meets your organisational needs. 

We then develop a strategy to support the staff and manage their reaction to the change process.

Step 2: On-Site Assistance

At this stage, we provide the following support to enable practical training.

  • Presence of psychologist when you announce the change
  • Sessions to inform members of the organisation the various reactions that may emerge due to the change
  • We communicate the availability of support for their needs to the staffs 

Step 3: Change Management Training

We provide various training and workshops that focus on equipping managers with change management plans and strategies. We also offer seminars to staffs leaving and staying. 

Step 4: Individual Outplacement Help

At this stage, we provide professional psychological support for personal development to employees. We address both the mental and practical needs to improve work performance, quality of life, and professional skill-set.

Step 5: Follow-Up

At this stage, we provide the following support.

  • Personal counselling sessions to help staffs in continuing employment
  • Private, professional development sessions for crews leaving employment
  • Follow-up support for management in managing the impact of change 
  • Group counselling sessions to re-establish team systems and structure

Step 6: Evaluation & Feedback

At this stage, we provide the following support to enable effective training.

  • Evaluation of our program through a confidential survey from management and staff
  • Debriefing of management to enable them to understand the process of change management
  • Providing feedback to the administration concerning Change Management program, including identifying issues and concerns of importance for future organisational wellbeing.

Suppose you need course offerings on Change Management. Then, we can help you. You can reach us through any of the means below for further enquiries. We’ll ensure you get the most of your time.