Information security or cybersecurity as it’s sometimes called has taken the globe by storm. Well, this isn’t far from the increasing rate of cyber-crimes today. Precisely, it’s now essential to protect yourself, business or organisation from intrusion and attack. As such, there is an increasing demand for information security experts today.

In case you’re looking to acquire the right knowledge to maximise this opening, then we’ve got you covered. At UXC Training, we offer a market-leading structured program that allows you to maximise this career opening. 

Our program provides a holistic approach to information security. And it spans across various levels of an organisation – management, professionals, specialist, career transition, and beginners.

Our course offerings include:

Foundation & Career

1. Cyber Security Foundation

Our course offering under this category is for individuals with interest in Information Security. As such, if you’re looking to build your career on a solid foundation, knowledge-wise, then this course is for you. It’s relevant if you’re also looking to transition to a career in Cyber Security. It offers you an opportunity for a sound and strong understanding of Cyber Security.

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Professional Certifications

1. CISSP ® Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP ® is generally considered a standard security qualification. Our course offering under this category provides students with an intense, minimum distraction, and fully immersed CISSP CBK training. It’s perfect if you’re looking to increase and deepen your knowledge and understanding of CBK domains.

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2. CCSP ® Certified Cloud Security Professional

Our course offerings under this category allow you to understand cybersecurity risk thoroughly. It also provides insight into mitigation strategies that are vital to data security. It’s a preparatory course that gets you ready for the CCSP examination. With our course, you can quickly gain insights that allow you to ace the main course.

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3. CISM ® Certified Information Security Manager

Our course offering under this category allows you to understand the essential international standards and competencies that information security managers must possess. If you’re looking to acquire the knowledge and skill-set that the world requires a top information security manager, then this course is for you.

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Security Architecture 

1. SABSA ® Foundation

SABSA represents the most effective security architecture today. It allows you to deliver a cohesive cybersecurity solution to enterprises. As such, our course offering under this category provides thorough insights into the knowledge and skill-set that you need for the SABSA Foundational Certificate.

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Incident Management 

1. Fundamentals of Incident Management 

Our course offering under this category provides insights into the basics of incident management. It offers you critical thinking skills and tasks that will enable you to handle security incidents more effectively. It covers the nature of threats and response activities.

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Our courses also span across areas such as Management and Awareness, ISO 27000 for ISMS, and other Non-Certification Courses. So, if you need more course offerings on information security, then, we can help you.

You can reach us through any of the means below for further enquiries. We’ll ensure you get the most of your time.