Today, it’s essential to organise IT resources. And a significant approach to achieving this is the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In case you’re looking to exploit ITIL for IT Service Management, we’ve got you covered.

At UXC Training, we offer market-leading structured ITIL programs that allow you to support IT Service Management. Our course offerings include:

1. ITIL ® Foundation (ITIL 4 & ITL v3)

Our course offering under this category provides a way in for individuals interested in ITIL. It’s not just an option anymore. It’s a necessity for individuals and organisation with interest in improving and engaging IT Service Management. Our offerings cut across both ITIL 4 and ITIL v3.

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2. ITIL ® 4 Managing Professional Transition

Our course offering under this category allows individuals with professional ITIL v3 Certification to upgrade to ITIL 4 through a course and an exam. Once you pass through our course, you get the title–ITIL ® 4 Managing Professional. Knowledge wise, our offerings here allows you to create, support, deliver, and support services while also driving stakeholder value within the ITIL ® context.

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3. ITIL ® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver, and Support (CDS)

This course is among the four modules that allow you to get qualified as an ITIL Managing Professional. Our offerings under this category allow you to understand the team management and cultural aspects of service and product management. It also provides insight into the technologies and tools that support and promote effective service management. 

Through this course, you learn about the integration of various value streams. You also learn how to create, deliver and support information technology-enabled services and products. 

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4. ITIL ® Capability: Operational Support & Analysis

Our course offering under this category provides you with an OSA certificate. And this is relevant as it allows you to gain insight into the performance of various roles like Database Admins, Support, Application Managers, IT Operations Managers, and Problem Managers. With this module, you gain knowledge about how to practically manage IT Services daily operations within an ITIL scheme.

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5. ITIL ® Capability: Planning, Protection and Optimisation

Our course offering under this category places focuses on Availability, Capacity, and IT Service Continuity in IT service delivery. If you’re looking to get into roles such as Continuity Managers, Security Admins, and Busines Analyst, then this course is relevant to you.  It also allows you to understand Information Security and Demand Management systems throughout a lifecycle. You also get exposure to critical risks and success factors.

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We also offer other ITIL courses such as

  • ITIL ® Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement
  • Certified Agile Service Manager ®
  • ITIL ® Lifecycle: Service Design
  • ITIL ® Lifecycle: Service Operation

So, if you need more course offerings on IT Service Management, then, we can help you. You can reach us through any of the means below for further enquiries. We’ll ensure you get the most of your time.